Your First Home Loan: The 3 Basic Types Of Good Home Buyers

Your First Home Loan: The 3 Basic Types Of Good Home Buyers

Finding Your First Home Loan

mazeWhen it comes to buying a home, home buyers are swamped with information about how to obtain their first home loan. First time home buyers just want information that is clear and straight to the point. They want to know exactly what’s involved with getting a loan.

There is a lot involved when it comes to helping first time buyers with their first home loan. For example, the type of borrower you are and finance sources play a major part in getting a home loan. If you want to find out what exactly is involved with getting your first mortgage, then speak with a mortgage broker.

There are many types of home buyers. Generally speaking, there are three main ones, which consist of investment buyers, first time home buyers and non-conforming buyers. These will be discussed in more detail below.

1. Investment Buyers

These types of buyers may already own property or they may be paying property off. Their parents or family members may have left them land when they passed away. This group of buyers may have used equity from properties they own in order to make other purchases.

First time home buyers are often interested in purchasing property for investment purposes. One reasons why is because it allows them to borrow more money due to the fact that the chances are they will be renting out the property to tenants. However, conditions are attached to loans for investment purposes.

2. Non-Conforming Home Buyers

There are non-conforming home loans, which are designed for people who are not paid in a traditional way or if they want to financing their mortgage or home loan. These types of borrowers may have been rejected for a home loan in the past, and this may be due to their credit history or unusual incomes. Non-conforming buyers can usually benefit by using a qualified mortgage broker.

3. First Time Home Buyers

One of the biggest things you’ll ever do in life is buy your very first home. The ideal thing for you to do is to contact a mortgage broker who will work with you to obtain the best type of loan. Mortgage brokers tend to be better than traditional banks because they can take a look at the different financing options out there and they will work hard to find you the best loan for you and your situation.


Is There a Better Way?

Many first time home buyers don’t have a lot of money to put down as a deposit. This is another reason why they should work with a mortgage broker. Brokers can help home buyers find the best lender who is willing to work with those who have small deposits. If you use a qualified mortgage broker and you’re a first time home buyer, then you’ll have a better chance at securing financing for the home of your dreams.

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